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2. Diagnosis

2.1. Original description

3. Further information

3.1. Other combinations

3.2. Synonyms

  • Deilephila cyrene Westwood, 1848 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Chaerocampa[sic] bistrigata Butler, 1875 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Chaerocampa[sic] aspersata Kirby, 1877 [synonym according to funet.fi]

3.3. Subspecies

  • Theretra clotho celata (Butler, 1877) [subspecies according to funet.fi]

3.4. Literature

  • Original description: Drury, D. (1773): Illustrations of Natural History. Wherein are exhibited Upwards of Two Hundred and Twenty Figures of Exotic Insects, According to their different Genera; Very few of which have hitherto been figured by any Author, Being engraved and coloured from Nature, with the greatest Accuracy, and under the Author's own Inspection, On Fifty Copper-Plates. With a particular Description of each Insect: Interspersed with Remarks and Reflections of the Nature and Properties of many of them. Vol. II: i-vii, 1-90, pl. I-L, Index to the First Volume, Errata and Addenda to the First Volume [not paginated], Index to the Second Volume, Errata and Addenda to the Second Volume [not paginated]. London.