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2. Biologie

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3. Weitere Informationen

3.1. Etymologie (Namenserklärung)

Plant (2020: 316): “The name occultalis is derived from the Latin adjective occulta meaning “secretive”, in feminine form and in combination with the suffix “-alis” applied, historically, to many Pyralidae species. The name is a reflection of the supposition that the new species has been hidden amongst the other Elegia species.”

3.2. Typenmaterial

Plant (2020: 312): “Holotype ♂ (Fig. 3). Albania, Ionian coast below Ilias, near Dhërmi, St. Theodor monastery, 140 m., 40°07’52”N, 19°39’21”E, 15.v.2017, S. Beshkov & A. Nahirnić leg., preserved in the C. W. Plant collection, which is bequeathed to the British Entomological and Natural History Society.” — Paratypen: 3 ♂♂ und 1 ♀ vom locus typicus, 1 ♀ aus Nordmazedonien.

3.3. Literatur