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Original description

1. Live pictures

1.1. Imago

2. Diagnosis

2.1. Original description

Look also the original description of Syntherata janetta: The last paragraph concerns Opodiphthera helena, too.

3. Further information

3.1. Other combinations

3.2. Synonyms

  • Antheraea intermedia Lucas, 1890 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Antheraea banksii Lucas, 1891; (nom. nud.) [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Caligula banksi Seitz, 1928; (preocc.) [synonym according to funet.fi]

3.3. Literature

  • Original description: White, A. (1843): Descriptions of apparently new species and varieties of Insects and other Annulosa, principally from the collection in the British Museum. — The Annals and Magazine of Natural History, Including Zoology, Botany, and Geology 12: 342-346.