Citation of Lepiforum - English / deutsch

1. How to cite Lepiforum

(by Jürgen Rodeland)

There are several citation methods in scientific literature, depending on the customary practice of the respective publishing house, or journal. The handling of the author(s) first name initials; the exact sequence of author names and first name initials; the presence or lack of punctuation marks, round and square brackets; the usage of text formatting (bold, italics, small caps), etc.: All those details are quite variable as far as different publishing houses and journals are compared.

That's why the following examples how to cite Lepiforum might be understood merely as suggestions.

1.1. Forum postings

Remark: The date of visit does not need to be given here, because Lepiforum postings cannot be edited anymore after publication by the authors.

1.2. Pages of the “Bestimmungshilfe” (= Identification Aid)

Species page

Chapter of a species page

Family page

Photo plates (“Fotoübersichten”)

Examples: [] and []

We strongly recommend not to cite our photo plates. Due to many reasons – as flexibility of taxonomy, descriptions of new species, new synonymies, new findings of species for Europe – the content of any photo plate is not stable. Also, citing Lepiforum's photo plates should not be necessary anyway.

1.3. Online edition (2008) of Karl Traugott Schütze's „Biologie der Kleinschmetterlinge“ (1931)