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3. Weitere Informationen

3.1. Etymologie (Namenserklärung)

Varenne & Nel (2016: ): « « aurea » pour rapeller la coloration orangé doré de l'habitus et « corsa » pour sa patrie. »

3.2. Taxonomie

Huemer & van Nieukerken (2021: 305) akzeptieren diese Art und schreiben dazu: "The holotype was examined by EvN, but not sequenced due to lack of sufficient tissue to sample without damaging the specimen. We obtained two short sequences from female paratypes, both from a different part of the barcode, without overlap, which makes them not comparable. On the basis of the male and female genitalia, the species is considered to be the same as a taxon from Sardinia as assessed by EvN (cited by Triberti & Braggio 2011), and is assigned to BIN BOLD:ACG9232. In different neighbor-joining analyses the barcode sequences of the paratype specimens grouped with the Sardinian specimens, albeit at some distance. We consider this to be a Tyrrhenian endemic species."

3.3. Typenmaterial

Varenne & Nel (2016: 53): « HOLOTYPE mâle : Haute-Corse, Calacuccia, 960 m, 10 juillet 2013, uv, Th. Varenne leg., prép. gen. JN n° 27498, Coll. Th. Varenne (Nice). » — Paratypen: 3 ♀♀ vom selben Fundort, alle 4. August 2015.

3.4. Literatur

  • Huemer, P. & E. van Nieukerken (2021): Identity of some recently described Lepidoptera from France — re-assessed with DNA barcodes and morphology. — Zootaxa 4941 (3): 301–337. [zum open-access-Artikel und PDF-download auf mapress.com]
  • Erstbeschreibung: Varenne, T. & J. Nel (2016): Description de cinq nouvelles espèces de Lépidoptères découvertes en Corse : Trifurcula angustivalva sp. n., Trifurcula aureacorsa sp. n., Infurcitinea restonicae sp. n., Phyllonorycter corsica sp. n. et Sorhagenia orocorsa sp. n. (Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae, Tineidae, Gracillariidae, Cosmopterigidae). — Revue de l'Association Roussillonnaise d'Entomologie 25 (1): 51-59.