2. Biologie

2.1. Nahrung der Raupe

  • [Rosaceae:] Pyrus amygdaliformis (Mandelblättrige Birne)
  • [Rosaceae:] Pyrus elaeagrifolia ? [= Pyrus elaeagnifolia ?] ( Ölbaumblättrige Birne ?)

Laštůvka & Laštůvka (2009) schreiben: "The larvae have been found in the leaves of Pyrus amygdaliformis Vill. in Croatia, and adults have been usually collected near Pyrus elaeagrifolia Pallas in Greece, other Pyrus species are also possible host plants. The indistinctly yellow larva forms a nar­row, later slightly dilating mine, with dropping accu­mulation in its first half (fig. 5). All other nepticulid species mining on Pyrus spp. show green larvae, or greenish white in Ectoedemia atricollis (Stainton, 1857) respectively."

3. Weitere Informationen

3.1. Faunistik

fassen den aktuellen Kenntnisstand zusammen: "The distribution of Stigmella irregularis remains in­sufficiently known. The species has been recorded in Crimea (type locality), the Greek mainland, Crete (van Nieukerken, pers. comm.), Rhodos, Croatia, and Sicily (Laštùvka & Laštùvka 2005). Here recorded for the first time from Croatia, and the first exact faunis­tic data are supplied for Greece."

3.2. Typenmaterial

Puplesis (1994: 61): “Type-material. Holotype: ♂, the Crimea, 20 km W Feodosiya (Karadag Reserve), 2.vi.1987, leg. Budashkin. Paratypes: 1 ♂, the same locality, 24.viii.1986, leg. Budashkin; 2 ♂, the same locality, 10.vi.-2.vii.1987, leg. Budashkin; 2 ♂, the same locality, 2-22.vii.1987, leg. R. Puplesis; 3 ♂, the same locality, 10.vii.1977, leg. S. Reznik; 1 ♂, the same locality, 27.vii.1977, leg. M. Falkovitsh.”

3.3. Literatur

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