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2. Weitere Informationen

2.1. Etymologie (Namensbedeutung)

Tshikolovets (2021: 642) teilt mit: “The species is named after Dr. Zsolt Bálint, specialist on the world's Lycaenidae and author of many Lycaenidae taxa, one of the co-authors of “The Butterflies of Mongolia” published in the series “The Butterflies of Palaearctic Asia”.”

2.2. Typenmaterial

Tshikolovets (2021: 642): “HT ♂, Iran, Khorasan, Kuh-E Aladag, S.W. Faruj, Mayvan-Kataleh-y E, Shahmir, vill. Khosroyeh, 1680-2100 m, 37° 05' 54.94'' N, 58° 00' 56.77'' E, 25.V.2013, V. Tshikolovets leg. (HT is temporarily in the Collection V. Tshikolovets, but will be transferred to one of the State collections); PT ♂, same data and locality as HT (Coll. V. Tshikolovets).”

2.3. Literatur

  • Erstbeschreibung: Tshikolovets, V. (2021): Description of new taxa of Rhopalocera from Turkmenistan, Iran and Morocco (Pieridae, Lycaenidae, Nymphalidae and Hesperiidae). — Atalanta 52 (4): 640-648.