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2. Weitere Informationen

2.1. Andere Kombinationen

  • Sidemia scrophulariae Wiltshire, 1952 [Originalkombination]

2.2. Typenmaterial

Wiltshire (1952: 195): “Holo-Type and two Para-Types : three ♂♂, hatched from pupae on 14, 15.xi.50. The two earlier ones, para-types, spoilt themselves. The larvae had been found in April 1950 on flowers of Scrophularia variegata Bieb. (kindly determined by the Botanical Section, British Museum) growing on vertical cliff-faces in Tang-Ab gorge near Firuzabad, circa 4250 feet Fars, South-west Persia ; on the same foodplant were found in 1941 the larvae which produced the only known specimen of Cuculia faucicola [sic, recte Cucullia] Wilts. 1943, but these were not found again in 1950 ; the search for them yielded a different new species, just described.”

2.3. Literatur

  • Erstbeschreibung: Wiltshire, E. P. (1952): Middle-East Lepidoptera, X. More new species and forms from Persia (Iran) and Syria. — Bulletin de la Société Fouad ler d'Entomologie 36: 187-210. 1 pl.