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Original description

2. Diagnosis

2.1. Original description

3. Further information

3.1. Other combinations

3.2. Synonyms

  • Bombyx exposita Lewin, 1805 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Bombyx myceria Boisduval, 1832 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Perna combinata Walker, 1856 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Eriogaster lignosa Walker, 1856 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Poecilocampa brevis Walker, 1865 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Poecilocampa hebes Walker, 1865 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Tacillia rufocinerea Walker, 1865 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Cosmotriche indistincta Butler, 1886 [synonym according to funet.fi]

3.3. Literature

  • Original description: Donovan, E. (1805): An Epitome of the Natural History of the Insects of New Holland, New Zealand, New Guinea, Otaheite, and other Islands in the Indian, Southern, and Pacific Oceans: Including the Figures and Descriptions of One Hundred and Fifty-Three Species of the more Splendid, Beautiful, and Interesting Insects, Hitherto Discovered in those Countries, and which for the most Part have not Appeared in the Works of any Preceding Author. The Figures are Correctly Delineated from Specimens of the Insects; and with the Descriptions are Arranged According to the Linnæan System, with Reference to the Writings of Fabricius and other Entomologists: I-IV; pl. [1]-[41]; unpaginated text pages. London.