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2. Weitere Informationen

2.1. Faunistik

Nach Kaila (2009) kommt die Art in Griechenland und in der Türkei vor. In der Fauna Europaea [Fauna Europaea, last update 23 July 2012, version 2.5] wird sie nicht erwähnt.

2.2. Taxonomie

Kaila (2009: 26): “The association of males and females, which come from different localities, is based on their extremely similar external appearance. Additional support for this putative association is derived also from similarity in the female genitalia of P. ravida, which bear much resemblance to those of P. carlinella, as do those of males of the two species.”

2.3. Typenmaterial

Kaila (2009: 25): “Holotype ♂: Turkey, 35 km SW Aksehir, Cetince, 1200 m, 9.-13.V.2000, J. Junnilainen leg. (L. Kaila prep. n. 3132 in Coll. MZH). Paratypes (1 ♂, 2 ♀): 1 ♂ with the same collecting data as holotype (L. Kaila prep.3910, in Coll. Junnilainen); Greece, Kos, Lampi, 2 ♀, 1.VI.1979 P. Grotenfelt leg. (L. Kaila prep. 4544, 4545, MZH).”

2.4. Literatur

  • Erstbeschreibung: Kaila, L. (2009): Notes on the genus Perittia of the West Palaearctic region with descriptions of three new species (Lepidoptera: Elachistidae). — Zootaxa 2230: 16-28. [S. 16 auf www.mapress.com]

2.5. Informationen auf anderen Websites (externe Links)