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3. Weitere Informationen

3.1. Etymologie (Namenserklärung)

Trematerra (2000: 88): “Derivatio nominis. The new Pelochrista is dedicated to professor G. Cannata, University of Molise (Italy), who has contributed substantially to this research.”

3.2. Faunistik

Nach der [Fauna Europaea] kommt die Art auf Sizilien vor.

3.3. Typenmaterial

Trematerra (2000: 87): “Holotype, male and allotype female both labelled as follows: Sicilia, Noto (Siracusa), Pantani di Vendicari, 0-10 m/slm, 18.VI.1999, Leg. P. Trematerra.”

3.4. Literatur

  • Erstbeschreibung: Trematerra, P. (2000): Description of Pelochrista cannatana sp.n. with notes on the Italian species of the genus Pelochrista Lederer, 1859 (Lepidoptera Tortricidae). — Bolletino di Zoologia agraria e di Bachicoltura, serie II 32 (2): 85-96.