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1. Lebendfotos

1.1. Falter

2. Diagnose

2.1. Männchen

2.2. Erstbeschreibung

3. Weitere Informationen

3.1. Andere Kombinationen

  • Gnophos dumetatus ssp. margaritatus Zerny, 1927 [Originalkombination]

3.2. Andere Schreibweisen

3.3. Taxonomie

Müller et al. (2019: 36) vermerken: "Taxon margaritata was raised to species rank by Leraut (2009), based on male genitalia characters. The mentioned aedeagus and valva characters appear diagnostic, in addition to the female characters diagnosed in the current volume, and we consider O. margaritata valid at species Level, as did Vives Moreno (2014) also. So far it has been possible to classify all examined specimens in the Iberian peninsula either as O. dumetata or O. margaritata, but we highlight that more material needs to be examined in the Pyrenees and northern Spain to exclude the possibility of clinal variation. Interestingly, These taxa have not yet been found to occur sympatrically."

3.4. Faunistik

Die Art ist bisher nur aus dem mittleren und nördlichen Spanien bekannt.

(Autor: Erwin Rennwald)

3.5. Literatur