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1. Lebendfotos

1.1. Falter

2. Diagnose

2.1. Erstbeschreibung

3. Weitere Informationen

3.1. Andere Kombinationen

3.2. Synonyme

3.3. Unterarten

3.4. Faunistik

Nach [Global Biodiversity Information Facility] kommt die Art in Südafrika, Uganda, Malawi, Zentralafrikanische Republik, Äthiopien, Kenia, Simbabwe, Tansania, Ghana, Kamerun, Demokratische Republik Kongo, Mosambik, Gabun, Mali und Sambia vor.

Locus typicus gemäß Erstbeschreibung: Sierra Leon en Afrique.

(Autor: Michel Kettner)

3.5. Literatur

  • Erstbeschreibung: Drury, D. (1782): Illustrations of Natural History. Wherein are exhibited Upwards of Two Hundred Figures of Exotic Insects. According to their different Genera; Very few of which have hitherto been figured by any Author, Being engraved and coloured from Nature, with the greatest Accuracy, and under the Author's own Inspection, on Fifty Copper-Plates. With a particular Description of each Insect: Interspersed with Remarks and Reflections of the Nature and Properties of many of them. Vol. III: i-xxvi, 1-76, pl. I-L, Index to the Third Volume [not paginated, 2 pp.]. London.

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