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2. Diagnose

2.1. Männchen

2.2. Erstbeschreibung

3. Weitere Informationen

3.1. Andere Kombinationen

3.2. Synonyme

3.3. Taxonomie

Aarvik et al. (2017) unterstützen die Artberechtigung: "Epinotia indecorana (Zetterstedt, 1839) has been treated as a northern form of E. trigonella (Linnaeus, 1758), but has also been considered as a separate species by some authors. Preliminary studies on Norwegian specimens indicate that E. indecorana differs from E. trigonella in the number of cornuti in the male genitalia. In the studied material E. indecorana has 11-17 cornuti whereas E. trigonella has 20-24. These differences are similar to what Richard Brown (in litt.) found on North American material. According to Wolff (1964) the lectotype of Teras indecorana Zetterstedt, 1839, from Greenland, has 15 cornuti. E. indecorana is more variable than E. trigonella, and has certain forms that resemble E. trigonella. Some barcoded specimens of E. indecorana may have been misidentified and led to confusion in the Bold database. For the time being we maintain the species status for E. indecorana, but more research is needed before we can draw a definite conclusion on the status of this taxon."

(Autor: Erwin Rennwald)

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