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Original description

2. Diagnosis

2.1. Original description

3. Further information

3.1. Other combinations

3.2. Synonyms

  • Xyleutes maculatus Rothschild, 1899; (preocc. Snellen, 1879) [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Xyleutes rothschildi Oberthür, 1916; (repl.) [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Xyleutes rothschildi Dalla Torre, 1923; (repl., preocc. Oberthür) [synonym according to funet.fi]

3.3. Literature

  • Original description: Froggatt, W. W. (1894): Wood Moths: With some account of their Life-histories. Chiefly Compiled from the Notes of Mr. R. Thornton, of Wallsend, N.S.W. — The Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales. Second series 9 (2): 375-383. Sydney (F. Cunninghame & Co.).