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2. Weitere Informationen

2.1. Etymologie (Namenserklärung)

Kaila & Kerppola (1992: 155): “The species is named after the late Mr. Leif Löfgren, who had a great impact on our knowledge of Finnish Microlepidoptera. He also collected 12 of the paratypes.”

2.2. Taxonomie

Aarvik et al. (2017) geben zu bedenken: "Elachista leifi Kaila & Kerppola, 1992 does not differ from E. kilmunella Stainton, 1849 in the DNA barcode (Mutanen et al. 2013), and there are no definite morphological differences. However, there is some biological evidence suggesting E. leifi is different from E. kilmunella. We find it possible that E. leifi represents a northern two-year life cycle form of E. kilmunella. More research is needed to clarify the status of E. leifi."

2.3. Faunistik

Locus typicus: Finnland, Kuusamo.

2.4. Typenmaterial

Kaila & Kerppola (1992: 155): “Holotype ♂, Finland 736:61 Ks: Kuusamo, Hangasrimpi 7.7.1985 J. Jalava leg., L. Kaila prep. no. 422 in the Zoological Museum, University of Helsinki, Finland. Paratypes: 21 males from the same locality and same date, J. Jalava, S. Kerppola and L. Löfgren leg., L. Kaila prep. no. 274, 276, 280, 400, 401, 471. The paratypes have been deposited in the Zoological Museum, University of Helsinki, Finland, and in private collections of the collectors of the material.”

2.5. Literatur

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