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Original description

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1.1. Imago

2. Diagnosis

2.1. Original description

3. Further information

3.1. Other combinations

3.2. Synonyms

  • Selenia apamaria Walker, 1860 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Macaria remotaria Walker, 1861 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Macaria infixaria Walker, 1861 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Macaria frontaria Walker,[1863] [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Macaria panagraria Walker, [1863] [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Macaria porrectaria Walker, 1866 [synonym according to funet.fi]
  • Macaria comptata Walker, 1869 [synonym according to funet.fi]

3.3. Publication date of the first description

Scoble & Pitkin (2024) come to the conclusion that volume 9 of the "Species général des lépidoptères", i.e. volume "I" of "Uranides et Phalénites" was published between 2 and 8 January 1858, volume 10 of the "Species général des lépidoptères", i.e. volume "II" of "Uranides et Phalénites" between 13 and 19 March 1858. The printed year "1857" should therefore be corrected to "1858" for both volumes - as already stated by earlier authors and also handled accordingly in Lepiforum. As Scoble & Pitkin (2024) strongly recommend, in such cases the correct year of publication is also placed in square brackets in Lepiforum, here "[1858]" for both volumes. We are therefore deliberately deviating from the "Recommendation 22A.2.2" of the 4th version of the ICZN (1999), which no longer mentions these square brackets (unlike in the previous versions) and even more so from the completely confusing "Recommendation 22A.2 .3", which would like to place the printed date - if absolutely desired - after the unbracketed publication date in round or square brackets [here "Guenée, 1858", "Guenée, 1858 (1857)" "Guenée, 1858 ("1857")" "Guenée, 1858 [1857]" or "Guenée, 1858 ["1857"]"]. Like Scoble & Pitkin (2024) - and the vast majority of entomologists - we continue to adhere to the rule of the earlier versions of the ICZN, according to which a publication date derived directly from the paper is written without brackets, whereas a publication date derived indirectly from other sources is placed in square brackets.

(Authors: Erwin Rennwald & Jürgen Rodeland)

3.4. Literature

  • Original description: Guenée, A. (“1857”) [1858]: Histoire naturelle des Insectes. Species général des lépidoptères 10. Uranides et Phalénites. Tome II: 1-584. Paris (Roret).
  • Scoble, M.J. & L.M. Pitkin (2024): The date of publication of A. Guenée’s Geometridae et Uranides, Histoire Naturelle des Insectes. Species Général des Lépidoptères. — Nota Lepidopterologica, 47: 43-47. [zur Arbeit auf nl.pensoft.net]
  • Williams, R. B. (2019): Bibliographical descriptions and dating of the original parts and consolidated volumes of H. T. Stainton’s A Manual of British Butterflies and Moths, with dating and combined order of precedence of some relevant contemporaneous literature. — Zoological Bibliography 6 (6): 55-102. [PDF auf avespress.com]