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2. Biologie

2.1. Habitat

3. Weitere Informationen

3.1. Etymologie (Namenserklärung)

Arnscheid (2020: 322): “It is a pleasure for me to dedicate this new species to my friend Dr Michael Weidlich, Neißemünde. As a leading authority of the Naryciinae worldwide, he has not only collected fresh material to solve the taxonomic questions about new species after years of laborious search, but he has also produced outstanding contributions to the Psychidae research in numerous publications.”

3.2. Taxonomie

Arnscheid (2020: 324) gibt 4,80 % als genetischen Abstand im Barcode zum nächstverwandten Taxon D. juliella nanosella an.

3.3. Typenmaterial

Arnscheid (2020: 320-321): “Holotype ♂ (Fig. 1). Nord-Ungarn, Szarvaskö bei Eger, 24.iv.1975, leg. Meier. 47°59’17”N, 20°19’51”E. The holotype is here designated for deposition in the SMNK. Both the holotype and all paratypes in MWM and SMNK were subsequently labelled after the original pencil-written label written by Meier was found on the pin of the first spec-imen of the series in the MWM. This sole original label remains with the paratype series in the MWM and will later be accessioned to ZSM.” — Paratypen: 97 ♂♂, 1 ♀ sowie einige Säcke mit Exuvien, alle aus der Umgebung von Eger in Ungarn.

3.4. Literatur