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Original description

2. Diagnosis

2.1. Original description

3. Further information

3.1. Other combinations

3.2. Taxonomy

Kiss (2017) studied the genitalia of the species of the former genus Craniophora and decomposed it into a dozen of genus: The Craniophora generic complex with Craniophora, Harmandicrania,Graesericrania and Eurypterocrania, the Cycloprora generic complex with Cycloprora, Turnerinycta, Fascionycta and Megalonycta, and a block of genera separated from the Craniophora and Cycloprora generic complexes with Berionycta, Draudtinycta, Sinonycta and Miracopa. Thus, the Australian species were newly combined as “Cycloprora nodyna (Turner, 1904) stat. rev.” and “Turnerinycta phaeocosma (Turner, 1920) comb. n.”.

3.3. Literature

  • Kiss, Á. (2017): Taxonomic review of the Craniophora s. l. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Acronictinae) generic complex with description of 8 new genera and 13 new species. — Zootaxa 4355 (1): 001–090. [abstract on mapress.com]
  • Original description: Turner, A. J. (1904): New Australian Lepidoptera, with Synonomic and other Notes. — Transactions and Proceedings and Report of the Royal Society of South Australia 28: 212-247. Adelaide (W. C. Rigby).