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2. Diagnose

2.1. Falter

3. Biologie

3.1. Nahrung der Raupe

Noch unbekannt! Baraniak & Junnilainen (2011: 501) vermuten: "A. (B.) uralensis is probably a spring species because it was observed at the end of June. Two males were collected in a virgin taiga forest with old coniferous trees such as Picea abies, Larix sibirica and Abies alba. Although the immature stages remain unknown, the presumed host plant is one of the above-mentioned coniferous trees."

(Autor: Erwin Rennwald)

4. Weitere Informationen

4.1. Faunistik

Locus typicus nach Baraniak & Junnilainen (2011: 500): Russland, Distrikt Chelyabinsk, Iremel Mountain Reserve, 900-1300 m.

4.2. Literatur